This weeks starts well. Just got the notification about an accepted project proposal. The Austrian netidee, a project of the Internet Privatstiftung Austria had its second call out.

I submitted a project that aims to create a generic PERL exporter for SIOC – an Semantically Interlinked Online Community ontology. The results will be open sourced along the lines of the call. A classic Social Semantic Web (almost a buzzword) project, if you like.

Well, now what can you do with the exporter or [tag-tec]SIOC[/tag-tec] respectivly. Once the data of social media sites – content and structure – is SIOCED andin a RDF-store, a database, you can query it. And afterwords you can browse the data or display it the way you want or need it to. The great thing about it is that you can do that with social data that is spread over several different kinds of platforms be it blogs, wikis, bookmarkings services, message-boards, RSS-feeds, image galleries even Facebook (sic!) or Amazon data could be used.

So we will provide the generic PERL module; you can take it an use it for your perl-application. Other SIOC-exporters are already available.
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