DiskWarrior on USB stick for a MacBook Air

diskwarrior mac repairSo there is this tiny notebook that comes without an internal drive. Sometimes when your OS seems broken it makes sense to repair permissions. In order to so you need to boot externally which can be done via the tool remote disk sharing. Well, there are better tools out there as a first aid if something feels wrong.
DiskWarrior is one of the best and comes to your rescue – with a little help through this guide here.

How to clone DiskWarrior to your USB stick

In order to use DiskWarrior with your MacBook Air you need to boot – like with any other Mac – from something else than the harddisk you want to repair. So if you don’t have an external Superdrive

  1. clone your latest copy of Diskwarrior to a USB stick
  2. Plug it in
  3. Restart
  4. Hold down the alt-button and boot from the USB-stick.

Before you can do it you need to run Disk Utility (Festplattendienstprogramm auf deutsch) and restore the mounted DiskWarrior CD to your USB stick as described here Creating an OS X Leopard install on a USB drive or iPod by replacing the (Snow) Leopard install disc with DiskWarrior.

Additionally I recommend installing Applejack (now available for Snow Leopard) it can help too and sits on your harddisk. You launch it via single-user mode.

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