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25.03.04; 16:23:23 by TNB

Table of Contents

 Thomas N. Burg
Preface /p7
Introduction /p9
 Rebecca Blood
 Henry Copeland
Blogging's unique advertising metrics: Passion and hubness /p20
 Martin Röll
 John Hayes
Analysing Weblog Generation Knowledge /p51
 Andrius Kulikauskas
The Algebra of Copyright /p60
 Dennis G. Jerz
 Thomas N. Burg
 Steve Cayzer/Paul Shabajee
Semantic Blogging and Bibliography Management/p 101
 Lilia Efimova
 Ethan Eismann/Mary Hodder
TopicWeblogs and Sustainable Knowledge Production: Learning from the bIPlog /p126
 Maria Cywinskas-Milonas
Polish Blogs are C-logs /p149
 Fernando Tricas/Victor Ruiz/Juan J. Merelo
Do we live in a small world? Measuring the Spanisch-speaking blogopshere /p158
 Gernot Tscherteu/Chris Langreiter
The BlogosphereMap /p174
 Sebastian Fiedler
Personal webpublishing as a reflective conversation tool for self-organized learning /p190
 Oliver Wrede
 Gabriela Avram
DIGLIT - a k-log for documenting a project on digital literacy /p239
 Gilbert Cattoire
From co-existence to convivality; a leap into direct reality /p247
 Ulrich van Stipriaan
 Jose Luis Orihuela